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MORNING TEA OPTION 1 $12 per head

1.Vege Quiche


3.Savoury Scroll

MORNING TEA OPTION 2 $14 per head

1.Savoury Scrolls

2.Sausage Roll


4.Vege Quiche

MORNING TEA OPTION 3 $19 per head

1.Sausage Roll

2.Bagel Selection

3.Savoury Quiche

4.Croissant Selection


LUNCH OPTION 1 $18 per head

1.Selection of Wraps (chicken and vegetarian)

2.Pick 2 Salads - potato bacon chorizo salad (gf)

                      - chargrilled broccoli salad (gf)

LUNCH OPTION 2 $21 per head

1.Selection of Wraps and Deli Rolls (meat and veg)

2.Pick 3 Salads. - organic black rice & jackfruit salad (gf)

                       - chorizo bacon potato salad (gf)

                       - chargrilled broccoli salad (vg)(gf)

LUNCH OPTION 3  $22 per head

1.Selection of Donburi Bowls (popcorn chicken/popcorn jackfruit (all gf)

2. Pick 2 salads - Vietnamese chicken salad (gf)

                       - chargrilled broccoli salad (gf)

ARVO TEA OPTION 1 $13 per head

1.Croissant Filled

2.Selection of Brownie & Caramel Slice (gf)

3.Mini Savoury Scrolls

ARVO TEA OPTION 2 $16 per head

1.Selection of Bagels

2.Mini Quiches

3.Selection of Brownie & Caramel Slice (gf)

4.Savoury Scrolls


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